Dr. George Chipeta

Journal articles

Phiri,  A., Chipeta, G.T. & Chawinga, W.D. (2018). Information needs and barriers of rural smallholder farmers in developing countries: A case study of rural smallholder farmers in Malawi. Information Development, 1-14.

Chawinga, W.D and Chipeta, G.T (2017). A synergy of knowledge management and competitive intelligence: A key for competitive advantage in small and medium business enterprises.Business Information Review, 34(1): 25-36.

Chipeta, G.T and Chawinga, W.D (2017) Knowledge management capability in higher education: The case of lecturers at Mzuzu University, Malawi. In: Ghunjal, B (ed) Managing Knowledge and        scholarly assets in academic libraries. United States of America: IGI Global.

Chipeta, G. et al. (2012). An investigation on the strategies for developing and sustaining strong library associations: A case of the Malawi library association. Malawi Journal of Library and Information Science, 1(1): 59-74.

Chipeta, G. (2011). Teaching and learning of Information Literacy in Universities of KwaZulu-Natal, in   South Africa and Malawi. Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing.

Chipeta, G.T., Jacobs, D & Mostert, J. (2011). Information literacy education in universities. Some southern African perspectives. In: Ocholla, D.N. and Brits, J (eds) Research Issues in Information    Studies in a changing local and global environment. Some African perspectives. GermanyLambert Academic Publishing.

Chipeta, G.T (2010). Information Literacy teaching and learning: a literature Review. Inkanyiso Journal of Humanities and social Sciences, 2(1): 21-31.

Chipeta, G.T., Jacobs, D &Mostert, J (2009) Teaching and learning of information literacy in some selected institutions of higher learning in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa and Malawi. South African   Journal of Libraries and Information Science, 75(1), 46-57.

Chipeta, G.T. (2007). An exploratory study of the marketing of library and information services: A comparative study of the Mzuzu University and University of Zululand. In: Faculty of Arts 2nd        Annual Conference proceedings (eds Ochola, D.O., Nzama, T and Addison C, KwaDlangezwa, South Africa, 18th June, 2007, pp 117-127.  KwaDlangezwa: University of Zululand.

Journal articles in press

Chipeta, G. &  Mutula, S. (2018). An integrated approach to mechanisms and Information Technology used for knowledge sharing in university libraries in Malawi. Journal of Knowledge Management in Press.

Chipeta, G.T & Chawinga, W.D. (2018). A tracer study of Library and Information Science graduates of Mzuzu University. African Journal of Library Archives and Information Science (AJLAIS) in Press, Corrected Proof.

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