There was Joy and ululation from students and staff from the Department of Information Science at Mzuni when they welcomed the Malawi Library Association Director of Publications Mr Geoffrey Salanje on the 8th February 2018

Mala sent its Director of Publications to Mzuni for the following:

         To present a proposal to both staff and students for the establishment of a MALA Students

Chapter at Mzuzu University. 

         Deliver a motivation talk to students in LIS department

         To encourage both staff and students to write scholarly papers for publishing in the Malawi Journal of Library and Information Science (MJLIS).

The Meeting

Those that attended the presentations were staff from DILS and Mzuzu University Library, students doing Bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science (BLIS) in Levels 3 and 4 respectively; and postgraduate students studying masters’ degree in LIS. At the meeting the MALA director of publication gave a motivation talk to Students and Staff titled “Titled Expectation versus Realities”  

The presentations were well received and was followed by discussions – more especially questions seeking clarifications, comments and suggestions. The students were motivated and have their eyes and ears opened on what is expected after finishing their studies against their illusions. Some staff lamented on the fact that MALA was not as popular as some membership associations such as ICT Association of Malawi, Malawi Institute of Engineers, and Economists Association of Malawi (ICAM). In his brief response; Salanje emphasized that MALA belongs to its members; as such they are supposed to be active, pay membership fee regularly and make suggestions on what they want their association to be or to be doing. 

It was during the discussions it was discovered that the LIS students have their own association known as MULISSA (Mzuzu University Library and Information Science Students Association) duly registered with Mzuzu University students union. The only problem was that not many LIS students knew about its existence as such not all students are members. MULISSA was somehow dormant though it has an executive committee headed by a president who is a student in Level 3. It was agreed at the meeting a need to have a body of LIS students that works with MALA in a form of MULISSA or as a MALA branch. 

At the meeting both staff and students were made aware of the various MALA publications – more especially the Malawi Journal of Library and Information Science. Staff and students emphatically indicated that they already have a number of research papers that could easily go into MJLIS, what they require is to polish them.

At the Meeting the MALA Director of Publication, Students and members of the Department of Information Science agreed on the following


          MULISSA a student body DLIS to be maintained and strengthened by allowing all LIS students become members by compulsory. The head of DILS promised to meet the current MULISSA leadership to map the way forward.

         An annual membership fee for student for student to MALA will be determined by the students in consultation with the head of DILS. The Head of DILS to give feedback to MALA.

         MULISSA President or his/her representative be a member of MALA Executive Committee.

         MALA Executive Committee must resuscitate the scholarship with funding from Norwegian Library Association (NLA). It was also agreed that other partnerships should be entered with other associations / organizations for the benefit of its members.

         MJLIS must include more international reviewers and editors in order to increase its credibility. 

         Authors must be given adequate incentives as a motivation to write.

         The journal must be indexed in such reputable e-resources platforms such as African Journal Online (AJOL).

It was agreed at the meeting that the next issue of MJLIS MUST be dedicated to papers from staff and students from Mzuzu University, Department of Information Science. The Head of Department of Information Sciences will coordinate the collection of those papers. It was also emphasised that More of these meetings should held regularly so that LIS students are motivated and also seek some clarifications about their chosen career. At the end of the HOD of LIS thanked MALA for sending its director to Mzuni and said he is looking forward to working with MALA.

 *Mr Geoffrey Salanje is MALA Director of Publications and Luanar Librarian


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