Fiskani Ngwira

Journal article

Chawinga, W. & Ngwira, F. (2015). The role of the Mzuzu American Corner  Information Technology and Communication Centre, Malawi. Innovation: journal of appropriate librarianship and information work in Southern Africa, (50): 20-43.

Conference proceedings

Ngwira, F. and Majawa, F. (2017). Exploring use of Knowledge Management (KM) principles in the Agriculture sector: Case of Zombwe Extension Planning Areas (EPA) Mzuzu Agricultural Development Division (MZADD) Mzimba, Malawi. In: proceedings of the 24th Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Branch International Conference for Archivists (ESARBICA) held in Lilongwe from 7 to 11 August 2017

Ngwira F & Majawa, F (2016). “Data Curation Needs of Researchers at Mzuzu University”  In: proceedings of the 22nd Standing Conference of Eastern Central and  Southern African Libraries Association (SCECSAL). Hosted by the Swaziland Library and Information Association (SWALA), April 25-30, 2016, 365-373

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